Just hit the ball!

06.30.20 3:46 PM By IT Lift Editor

This article has almost nothing to do with golf.

As an avid golfer, or even a spectator, it can be frustrating to see someone take minutes to hit the ball. They line up their shot, take multiple practice swings, then line up their shot again, and proceed to stand over the ball for what seems like too long before finally taking a swing. I've seen this countless times in business, too.

We know what we're doing. We've practiced this time and again at the range or even the backyard. Why can't we just get up to the proverbial ball and take a swing? I'm not saying that we shouldn't line up the shot, or even take a quick practice swing, and I'm certainly not saying we should take a running start at the ball like Happy Gilmore. But in business, the delayed shot can be much more costly than the swing that isn't first, perfectly aligned.

This article is an example of a shot I am taking. I recognize that it isn't perfectly aligned. In fact, I'm attempting to write this article in 15 minutes or less. I had an idea and just wanted to take a shot to see if it can make a connection.

If there are shots you are waiting to take, calls you are waiting to make, conversations you are waiting to have, resumes you waiting to write, businesses you are waiting to start, or products that you're waiting to create, then please, by all means stop waiting for the perfect time and the perfect alignment and just hit the ball! If you don't take the swing, you'll never know.

Whether you have a need to revamp and digitally transform your business, or just have a passion for technology and want to discuss how to lift the expectation of what IT can be, then let's connect. We'd love to have a conversation.

IT Lift Editor